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柏木由紀 3rd ソロライブ 寝ても覚めてもゆきりんワールド ~もっと夢中にさせちゃうぞっ~ - EP by Yuki Kashiwagi

5 songs from Yukirin’s 3rd solo live are officially available on iTunes as an album. Only 450¥ for  5 songs!!!

I highly recommend getting Kazanbai 火山灰~ Yukirin with orchestra and a choir, sounds absolutely amazing!!!!

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Been awhile since I posted here~ I’ve been reading lots of reactions to the Big Shokaku Matsuri announcement. It’s amazing isn’t it? The reactions that were provoked by a mere announcement. How much of ourselves have we invested into this 48 fandom.  

Details are murky, all we know is it concerns 48 Group and a shokaku (reformation if you will). I am an AKB fan so yes,  in many ways, it feels like “here we go again” and “I’ll forward to it”.  I was expecting another shuffle coming for AKB48 with the new stages delayed, it would be good timing to do so now. 

Whether the 48 groups do anything or not do anything, they will lose fans and they will also gain new ones.  Thus, it’s better to go with change and not let things go stale.  That is my view on this each time.  Changes are never a bad thing, if it doesn’t work, let’s change it again. Humans are adaptive beings.

Miichan wrote a nice post on g+ about how she cried and cried the first time she was shuffled from Team A to Team K, but at the end it became a very important place to her.  Change is needed for growth (personal growth and group growth).  As fans, we are all witnesses to their personal growth and how much each member matures through time.  That is the basis of 48 group. 

The concurrent positions have mostly worked well the last two rounds so I think this reformation will include a bigger new batch.  AkiP said that it won’t be a sad one and is a plus, though in reality, any change will cause some unhappiness and heartbreak. There is a big new change coming, it’s obviously something they have not done before. Is it bad timing? With so many groups and members involved, there will never be a good time so might as well do it now. It will also be a good time for those in their twenties to think about their own paths, away from 48. If it’s a pennant race system, will they be allowing trades, temporarily loans, etc etc. Will they have an intergroup under system?

I apologize if I sound too positive for you.

The world will keep spinning nevertheless. Let’s enjoy the rollercoaster ride~


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